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The Heatline of a Story

By | July 12, 2009

Google, apparently prodded by the ground covered by twitter news, has introduced a feature on its Google News search results that indicates what one might call the ‘heat’ of a story—how many sources are covering it over time: As with Google Search Trends, the stories below the chart are linked to the graph via letters (although one can’t… Read More »

Firefox Google Alert Extension

By | December 4, 2005

Does anyone know of a Firefox extension that would add a selected word to your list of emailed Google News Alerts? Related Posts:Google Firefox Extensions July 10, 2005 Firefox Resources February 11, 2005 Firefox And The Greasemonkey On Its Back March 23, 2005 Is Firefox Really Gaining Ground? July 27, 2004 Clusty’s New Firefox Toolbar November 11, 2004… Read More »

Google News Discovers There’s A Reason Why Journalists Exist

By | January 6, 2004

Here’s an interesting take on Google News I hadn’t thought of before, from Dana Blankenhorn, an Atlanta-based writer. He’s mad at Google for apparently allowing in to its news trawl clearly partisan sites that aren’t news, but opinion. At the same time, he says. Google is separating out blogs from its news searches — possibly because it may… Read More »

News: Another Google Service

By | August 7, 2003

 Google is throwing up new services as fast as we can catch ’em. Here’s another: Google News Alerts. Google News Alerts are sent by email when news articles appear online that match the topics you specify. Related Posts:News: Microsoft Takes on Google’s Customisable News November 19, 2003 News: Google In A Mess? November 26, 2003 Ring Tones, Drugs… Read More »