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Where Did That Email Come From?

By | March 25, 2005

An interesting new tool from the guys behind the controversial DidTheyReadIt?: LocationMail. (For some posts on DidTheyReadIt, check out here, here, here and here.) LocationMail tells you where e-mail was sent from. It uses the most accurate data in the world to analyze your e-mail, trace it, and look up where the sender was when the message was sent. Find… Read More »

Vmyths Up For Sale On eBay

By | March 23, 2005

Vmyths, the web site that takes a skeptical look a the anti-virus industry, is for sale on eBay: item 5762562547  at a starting bid of $200,000. (Or you can buy the whole thing for $280,000: Vmyths.com is the leading independent voice in the computer security and computer virus industry. The site is owned by an investor not directly… Read More »

Bloglines Goes International

By | December 1, 2004

The folks at Bloglines, a very popular web-based RSS reader and publisher, will today launch an international version with support for six languages, which they hope “may mark a shift in the expansion of blog/RSS reach and usage, heading down the global internet service road paved by eBay and Amazon, etc.” The new internationalized web site, due to… Read More »

Amazon, eBay And The New Liquidity

By | November 5, 2004

I bought a second-hand book off Amazon the other day and was boasting about it to a friend. He wasn’t impressed. “We never buy anything new anymore,” he said. Clothes? Thrift shops. Toys? Yard sales. Books, CDs and whatnot? Amazon or eBay. Only food seemed to be something he bought new, and even then I got the impression… Read More »

Should eBay Stop Sending Emails Altogether?

By | August 19, 2004

Does there come a point in the phishing-dominated world where folk like eBay should just stop sending out emails, and tell customers that’s what they’re doing? I got an email from eBay this morning. I don’t remember getting one before, but I may have, or else my spam filter discarded it. It sure looked like spam: using my… Read More »