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Xdrive Responds: Patience, Please

By | November 29, 2005

Further to several comments from readers about problems with Xdrive, the online storage service recently bought by AOL, I sought comment from their PR. Here, somewhat belatedly, is what they have to say: Recently, Xdrive began a system upgrade designed to improve the quality and overall performance of the Xdrive experience. When complete, these upgrades will greatly improveā€¦ Read More »

News: Information Overload

By | November 3, 2003

 In the end this may be more important than anything else in the evolution of technology: information is growing very, very fast. The BBC quotes a study by the University of California, Berkeley that: every year 800MB of information is produced for every person on the planet; information stored on paper, film, magnetic and optical disks has doubledā€¦ Read More »