Xdrive Responds: Patience, Please

By | November 29, 2005

Further to several comments from readers about problems with Xdrive, the online storage service recently bought by AOL, I sought comment from their PR. Here, somewhat belatedly, is what they have to say:

Recently, Xdrive began a system upgrade designed to improve the quality and overall performance of the Xdrive experience. When complete, these upgrades will greatly improve the overall Xdrive experience which will result in unparalleled service and features. Unfortunately, during this process, some of our customers have experienced difficulty while using Xdrive’s services. Xdrive is aware of these issues and is working diligently to resolve them in a timely manner. We ask for our subscriber’s continued patience. For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact customer support either by email at support@xdrive.com or via phone at 866-GO-Xdrive. –Jose Martinez, Xdrive Customer Support Manager.

These upgrades should be finished any day now, Xdrive says. This comment doesn’t differ hugely from their previous one of more than two months ago, but it’s at least something. One can’t help wondering, though, whether the damage is already done. Why stick with an online storage service that offers such unreliable service for nearly three months? Isn’t the whole point of online backup to be, well, a backup?

4 thoughts on “Xdrive Responds: Patience, Please

  1. Ryan Carson

    Hi Jeremy,

    I’d like to suggest you give our new service a try – DropSend http://www.dropsend.com

    You can do two things:
    1. Send large files
    2. Store large files

    We feel is much easier to use (cross browser/OS compatible), and much more reliable than Xdrive. We’ve even got a handy desktop uploader tool.

    The Free version is actually free, instead of requiring you to enter credit card details (like some other services … Xdrive .. ahem), so I’d love to hear your feedback.


  2. oneafrikan

    Hey Jeremy

    I’m a mate of Ryan’s so have been in the dev loop since the earlier days of DropSend, but also someone who experimented with XDrive a while ago, and can honestly say I think it’s a great service – does all it should, and does it beautifully. The desktop app is awesome, and so far I’ve uploaded a 50MB file and a 62MB without hassles… and 2 friends received them no problem.

    Give it a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 😉

    Have a good one.

  3. danny

    Try eSnips.com
    They offer 1gb for free and have a toolbar the allows you to capture web research as well as files/photos.

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