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Hardware: A Computer For the Price of a Pedicure

If you’re cheap, skint, or just like buying stuff that doesn’t cost very much, check out the $169 Lindows WebStation. The Lindows WebStation is “the first ultra-affordable, ‘unbreakable’ computer designed specifically for Web work.” Just plug it into a broadband connection and you’re off. Apparently it’s idiot proof too: “It’s literally impossible to destroy the… Read More »

News: Phew. Search Engines Are Safe, For Now

  From the I Didn’t Know I Was Breaking The Law Dept, you’ll be relieved to know that deep linking is now legal, at least in Germany. Thank God for that. Er, what is deep linking?   Basically a deep link takes you from one webpage to another page that isn’t the homepage on another website.… Read More »

Loose Wire: Actually Bill, No,

Loose Wire: Actually Bill, No, I Can’t By Jeremy Wagstaff 12/13/2001 Far Eastern Economic Review (Copyright (c) 2001, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.) I’m frankly flabbergasted that the Microsoft antitrust trial in the United States is reaching such an ignominious end. But am I alone in my righteous indignation? I won’t bore you with the… Read More »