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My Kind Of Keyboard

By | February 18, 2005

This week in the Asian Wall Street Journal/WSJ.com (sub only) I write about keyboards. One little gadget I’ve taken a shine to in this area is the Bluetooth Smart Keyboard, made by an apparently anonymous company somewhere in China: As I mentioned in the column, it’s not great, but it’s surprising what they’ve managed to do in such… Read More »

Bluetooth Jackets For The Hip – And The Hip-Replaced

By | November 11, 2004

Thanks to Martin Herfurt for this: A jacket that, via Bluetooth, doubles as an entertainment centre, complete with (1) hands-free set with microphone in the collar and voice recognition, (2) integrated headphone connection, (3) flexible keyboard embodied into the material and (4) docking station for an MP3 player with a Bluetooth headset: The HUB-Jacket comes with 128 Megabyte memory offers… Read More »

Bluetooth To Tackle The Snarf

By | November 9, 2004

I don’t have much of a clue about whether Bluetooth is really going to survive: Enough respected writers think it’s getting better for me to believe it could do, but if it does, it’s got to address the security issue. That seems to be happening. I’ve prattled on here before about bluesnarfing — where data, and even calls,… Read More »

Do Passports Plus RFID Tags Make Us Walking Targets?

By | October 4, 2004

RFID tags? Sinister chip or harmless piece of plastic and wire? I’ve been on the side of the former for some time, but in the face of some objection from readers. A listener to a piece I did on the BBC World Service a few weeks back about the danger that RFID tags would give up too much… Read More »

Using Bluetooth To Disable Camera Phones

By | September 9, 2004

Here’s a possible solution to the problem of camera-phone voyeurs. Lee Choo Kiong of Singapore’s AsiaOne reports (thanks ITJournoAsia, subscription required) on three Temasek Polytechnic students who have come up with software that will disable camera functions on some cellphones, using Bluetooth. What I think happens is that software is loaded into the cellphone (presumably with the user’s… Read More »