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A Communicator Killer?

By | August 18, 2006

I tend to think of the Nokia Communicator (aka The Brick) as a somewhat retrograde device, popular to folk who haven’t quite caught up with the shape of things to come (aka The Smartphone). But Indonesians and Germans don’t agree (link to a podcast I did on the subject for the BBC), using the Communicator in such large… Read More »

USB, Off The Cuff

By | June 7, 2006

Always looking for a new way to carry my USB key drive. Here’s another option (via Ubergizmo): Designed by Berlin-based Tonia Welter, the cufflinks are a prototype, but with plans to build with a capacity of up to 1 GB. A bracelet is in the works, which looks not unlike Imation’s Flash Wristband’, and will be released by… Read More »

Where Is Technology When You Need It Part XIV

By | March 7, 2006

This has absolutely nothing to do with technology, except that surely there’s some technology to prevent this kind of outburst of law enforcement official mastication by members of the post-death personal care industry? From Reuters: Hearse driver arrested for biting policeman:  BERLIN (Reuters) – A drunken hearse driver has been arrested in the western German town of Krefeld… Read More »

News: Is Windows About To Be Defenestrated?

By | August 5, 2003

 Interesting story about how Linux seems to be catching up with Windows in its user friendliness, at least among Germans. According to an article from ComputerWorld’s IDG News Service, “study findings suggest that it’s almost as easy to perform most major office tasks using Linux as it is using Windows”.  The study was conducted by Relevantive AG, a… Read More »