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The New Investors For Del.icio.us

Joshua Schachter, the guy behind the excellent del.icio.us social bookmarking service, has provided some details of the investors behind his decision to work del.icio.us full-time: As you may know, I left my job a few weeks ago in order to devote myself full-time to del.icio.us. In order to make that posssible, I accepted an investment… Read More »

A Way To Marry Offline And Online Shopping?

Further to my post about the perils of offline browsing and online buying, here’s a possible solution, from Wi-Fi Networking News: Software that lets PDA users check out details and reviews of a book while in the bookstore. SmartWorlds’ free software lets PDA users (customers can borrow a PDA and scanner from staff) shop and… Read More »

News: Microsoft Takes on Google’s Customisable News

 Microsoft is taking on Google, at least in its news. The New Scientist says Microsoft is testing a a news-gathering web site that tailors the stories selected to individual users. Once MSN Newsbot is fully functional, Microsoft says the site will personalise results within 10 minutes of a user starting to browse.   Microsoft is… Read More »

Link: Amazonian feeding frenzy

  Amazon RSS Feeds     If you want to stay on top of what’s available from Amazon here’s a great way to do it, courtesy of one of the best technology ‘news you can use’ sources out there: Lockergnome. Chris Pirillo, who runs Lockergnome, has set up Rich Site Summary (RSS) feeds  — if you’re… Read More »