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By | April 11, 2005

Joshua Schachter, the guy behind the excellent social bookmarking service, has provided some details of the investors behind his decision to work full-time:

As you may know, I left my job a few weeks ago in order to devote myself full-time to In order to make that posssible, I accepted an investment from a group of thoughtful and influential investors. The group I chose to work with understands my commitment to maintaining the integrity of the service and the security of your data. They were also willing to take a minority stake, which will keep me in control of the future of

Union Square Ventures leads the investment group, and the other members are, Marc Andreessen, BV Capital, Esther Dyson, Seth Goldstein, Josh Koppelman, Howard Morgan, Tim O’Reilly, and Bob Young.

I’m very excited about this opportunity to focus on and put together a team to help me grow the service. My first priority is improving reliability and responsiveness, with new features following soon.

Good luck to all. It’s a great tool and will be interesting to see what Joshua comes up with next. Certainly the mailing list, where Joshua made this announcement, is a lively place and a reflection of his receptiveness to users’ ideas.  

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