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By | July 1, 2016

At the end of this program is my piece on smell technology, if you like that kind of thing. BBC World Service – Business Daily, UK FinTech Mulls a Post-Brexit Future (with everything else going on it might seem a bit flippant, or maybe light relief. 

Can the UK’s financial technology or FinTech sector maintain its global lead after Brexit? We speak to Lawrence Wintermeyer, the chairman of the industry’s trade body Innovate Finance, about what he hopes the British government will negotiate in a new deal with the EU. Also, Michael Pettis, professor of finance at Peking University, tells us what Brexit looks like from China and why financial markets have been resilient to the initial shock of the referendum’s result. Plus, what’s the point of a smart phone that can smell? Jeremy Wagstaff, Thomson Reuters’ chief technology correspondent for Asia, says you may be surprise. 

One thought on “BBC World Service – Smell tech

  1. John S. Richards

    More smell tech…?

    “Locusts to ‘sniff out explosives'”
    Brain chips turn Locusts into bio-bots to sniff out bombs.
    Detection software = Locust 123? Frankenflies?

    Medical Detection Dogs
    “uses the amazing power of the dogs’ nose to detect human diseases. Our research is based on the dogs’ ability to detect minute odour traces created by diseases.”

    Something is the Air?
    Smell tech in Supermarkets & Stores.
    “The smell of commerce: How companies use scents to sell their products”


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