The Holy Grail of Software

By | February 18, 2007

I was chatting with someone in the comments section of one of my blog posts and we realised tha we’re both looking for the same kind of software we haven’t found yet. One that, in my words at least, fulfil the following: to be able to store stuff in a way that is
– easy to input
– easy to organise
– easy to access
– easy to retrieve
– easy to search
– easy to view
– easy to order in different ways
– easy to visualize
– easy to export

There are outliners, mind mappers, search programs and database programs, but none of them quite does all this the way we’d like. So we thought we’d start a Google Group and try to see if we could either

a) hone the requirement. What is it, exactly, we’re looking for, and are other people looking for it too?

b) find the perfect software that does all this?

c) define what we’re looking for so well that maybe someone else comes along and develops it for us?

Anyway, if any of you are interested, please do join us at personalknowldgebase. The discussion could be an interesting one. I’d particularly love to hear from people who are developing software that they feel already does this. As regular readers know, I’m a big fan of stuff like PersonalBrain, Topicscape, MindManager, outliners like MyInfo and more Wiki-based stuff like TiddlyWiki and ConnectedText, but without wanting to offend any of you, I don’t think that any so far represent the holy grail of a program that captures what you want it to capture and gives it back to you in the way, and ways, you want it. But maybe that could form the start of the discussion.

Anyway, hope you’ll join us in this discussion. And, if this discussion already exists outside a very program-specific forum, I’d love to hear of that too.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Grail of Software

  1. vicanto

    I am not able to join personalknowbase forum.
    my subscription is pendig from 20 days

  2. Carl

    I am on a constant search for the perfect PIM and mind mapping software. I have tried them all over the years. What I would like to see is one that had a combination of PIM/mind mapping features. The one that I’ve seen that comes closest is Vorg Express –
    which has a Vorg Spaces feature that lets you connect links to tasks, notes, contacts, and also superimpose over images. This is very attractive for me, as I have a house remodeling project where I can place tasks over different sections of the image. Would like to see more PIMs have this feature. What keeps me from using Vorg Express is the limited functions available for import/export, some of the interface, and no support forum.


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