The Sandwich Board Goes Hi-tech

By | February 16, 2006

I thought we had gotten beyond the era of people walking around with advertising hoardings hung around their necks like some medieval punishment, but apparently it ain’t so. Adwalker (motto: ‘You’ve got to find some way of saying it without saying it’, which apparently is something that Duke Ellington said) says that by

wearing the Adwalker i-pack, our personnel engage consumers at premium Out Of Home locations, delivering the highest quality brand experience through Adwalker’s Interactive applications.

Actually, it’s not quite as awful as it sounds, and probably this is the direction that the advertising world is likely to go in: The Adwalker patented media platform is worn as a compact body pack, enabling services and applications that include brand advertising, point of sale, data capture and multi media messaging. Like so:

Adwalker has signed a three year access agreement with British airports under which the folk above will be able to wander around the airports harassing passengers. Now you won’t be sure whether the person coming towards you with some device tied to their chest is a terrorist or a marketing person. In either case, I would advise running.

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