The Phisher King is Back

By | December 7, 2005

I’m glad to report Australian phisher king Daniel McNamara has revived his Code Phish website which dissects phishing attacks and associated scams. He’s just taken a close peek at one ‘mule ad’ (as I call them) or job scam as he calls them: DHL Mail Job Scam.  These are efforts by the phishers to repatriate their illicit earnings by hiring unsuspecting individuals to let the stolen funds pass through their accounts. It seems that Eastern Europe is still the main source of such scams:

What’s really interesting however is where this scam is located. It’s sitting on the same hoster as the Ukrainian National Animal Welfare Foundation Job Scam and the GlobalFinances Job Scam. This would indicate they are mostly likely all being run by the same gang. The hoster is probably unaware of these sites scam status but we have seen them used numerous times over the last year to host scam sites which would indicate they most likely offer some sort of “get hosting working in minutes!” automatic setup for payments by credit cards and if it’s one things phishers have steady access to, it’s stolen credit card details.

Welcome back, Daniel.

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