The Penguin Embraces the Frog

By | December 7, 2005

Blue Frog, the anti-spam ‘vigilante’ software that has courted some controversy, has introduced a Linux Version :

This new offering will enable the 29 million Linux platform users to participate in the Blue Community and register in the company’s Do Not Intrude Registry to actively fight spam and safeguard personal and business e-mail accounts though a hands-on, community-based approach.

The Linux version of Blue Frog was created directly through the contributions of Blue Community members and Linux developers and enthusiasts at large. The Blue Frog visible source program allows users and developers to contribute to the development of the Blue Frog client by providing feedback and comments to the company to enhance the Blue Frog software and assist in adapting it to other platforms. Users and developers can click to join the Blue Frog development effort.

The press release from the company, Blue Security, says that

[s]ince the launch of the Do Not Intrude Registry in the summer of 2005, approximately 65,000 e-mail addresses have been registered and protected through the Blue Community. Preliminary results of the Beta service have users reporting 50 percent or greater reduction in the amount of spam they receive, indicating that a number of spammers already comply with the Registry and avoid sending spam to Blue Security customers.

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