Never Trust a Hotel that…

By | November 17, 2005

Never trust a hotel that…

  • Uses coat hangers you can’t remove from the rack. Have they ever tried to hang things on these hangers without major contortions?
  • Sells Internet usage via password slips you have to buy at the reception. I really, really hate this kind of approach. Not only do the staff rarely tell you this when you check in, so you have to traipse back down to reception to buy your Internet time, you then have to type in some fiddly password and username involving lower, upper case letters. And then, as just happened, the slip issuing printer breaks, so suddenly you can’t access the Internet at all. Hotels: Either let users sign on in their rooms, or, even better, give your Internet away for free. It makes guests happy, and means they’ll be working from the room (rather than the office, or Starbucks) and be ordering lots of room service.
  • “Charges for outside calls after 10 rings”. I have no idea what this means but it’s on the phone next to me. They charge for a call that doesn’t get answered?
  • Only has a shower installed, and no bath. This is just me. I like a bath. Otherwise I write cranky posts like this one.

3 thoughts on “Never Trust a Hotel that…

  1. Scott_H

    “Uses coat hangers you can’t remove from the rack.”

    I can’t think of the last time I stayed in a hotel that didn’t have such hangers.

    “Either let users sign on in their rooms, or, even better, give your Internet away for free.”

    Interesting. I’ve never experienced (or even heard of) “password slips.” I seem to recall free, in-room wireless access at most of the hotels I’ve stayed at, recently.

    “Charges for outside calls after 10 rings”.

    What, no cell phone?

    “Only has a shower installed, and no bath.”

    Oh, are you still in Europe?

  2. syd of aliencamel

    My peeves:

    1. I hate hotel rooms where there are separate hot and cold water taps. Always end up burning my hand.

    2. Shower heads that have the water saver discs in them so the water feels like needles.

    3. Toilet paper that comes in sheets and not rolls

  3. Jeremy Wagstaff

    Cell phone? I always use Skype these days…

    Actually I’m in Asia. Seems to be the thing nowadays. Thoroughly acceptable hotels ruined by lack of a good sit down bath.

    In-room wireless would be good. But it’s not always available. These pay-by-the-hour-or-day password slips still seem to be popular. Well, not popular with the guests, but popular with hotel managers who think making a buck from customers while not accepting responsibility for the quality of the service is the business they’re in.


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