Podcast: The Technology of Hotels

By | October 27, 2005

I’ve been recording pieces, usually derived from my WSJ.com and WSJ Asia Loose Wire columns, for the BBC World Service’s World Business Report for more than a year now, and they’re a lovely bunch of guys. (Here’s a link to Jonathan’s recent house move. As someone who hasn’t live in London for nearly 20 years I’m jealous.) Anyway, some listeners have requested a podcast type repeat here, and the BBC have kindly agreed to allow it, so here’s the first podcast of my BBC pieces for now: on hotels. Download Hotels.mp3

Hopefully, if I’ve done my sums right, this will appear as a podcast in the RSS feed. Apologies if it doesn’t. More to follow.

One thought on “Podcast: The Technology of Hotels

  1. Larry Bouchie

    Disclosure: I am a flak who sometimes pitches my clients to loose wire.

    The RSS feed showed up just fine in my FireFox Live Bookmark.

    And it’s neat to hear you do the brief podcasts, and to have a more direct way to access your BBC stuff.

    I especially like the brief part. It’s getting hard to carve out the time to listen to 30+ minute podcasts.


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