My Starbucks, My Love

By | April 3, 2005

I love the Starbucks at Jakarta’s International Airport, and it saddens me I won’t be frequenting it all that much from now on.

Today when I grabbed my favourite slot near the entrance (only one with a power outlet, away from the arctic blast further in), I posed my usual question: Is the WiFi working?

The sweet lady behind the counter, who is as creative with her responses as she is with her coffees, replied: “No, I don’t think so. It was raining quite heavily last night.”

I’m still not sure a) whether the two statements are connected, and b) if so, whether the monsoon in the Jakarta area would directly impact the WiFi. Would it?

3 thoughts on “My Starbucks, My Love

  1. John Schofield

    Rain would most likely have no effect on the wifi itself (if it does, get out — their roof is leaking on lots of stuff). More likely the rain took out the land-line internet connection — DSL went down from rain seeping into cables.

  2. ScottG

    Satellite connection to the outside?

    At my office, we have a satellite internet connection that we use to test outside connectivity to inside sites. The connectivity goes away when weather’s bad….cloudcover slows it down, usually rain takes it out completely

  3. dalton

    I’ll agree with John. It’s been raining heavily in the NYC area for the last couple of days, and my DSL has been miserable. It seems to happen every time – I’m guessing they’re related.


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