By | April 1, 2005

Apologies for the lack of posts the past few days. Nothing has crossed my path that really got me excited, and I’m busy packing for an impending move to Hong Kong.

I promise I’ll be posting again soon.

3 thoughts on “Lull

  1. Quentin S.

    Not to pry into your personal life, but why are you moving to Hong Kong? Can we expect expanded coverage on China’s rising influence in the tech world?

  2. Fiona Burns

    How can I get Asian news now that FEER has morphed into an academic journal? Is there another news magazine that I can subscribe to? I always read Loosewire, Travellers Tales and the last page interviews with CEO’s first before launching in. It’s ashame that Dow Jones decided to change the format – it just doesn’t cut it anymore. What annoys me even more, is that I have emailed, faxed and posted to cancel my subscription and do you think I have heard one word from Dow Jones? No and I still get the awful magazine that to be honest, I don’t read. Being a law student (Yes, I wonder why too sometimes) I read journals like that all the time, and FEER was a bit of down time that I found so interesting. We don’t get news reported like that here in Australia. If you can suggest another news magazine that I could read I would be very appreciative. I miss my old FEER.

    Good luck with the move to Hong Kong.

  3. JW

    I will be doing more China-related stuff, yes. Any suggestions always welcome.


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