Mobiles As Walkie Talkies

By | February 8, 2005

Why do some people hold their cellphones like walkie-talkies, alternating between holding the mouthpiece to their mouth and then pushing the earpiece to their ear? I used to see people doing this in the early days of cellphone usage and thought it charming, but nowadays I see trendy, savvy dudes doing it. Like this elaborately prepared reconstruction:

Picture 1

Am I missing something, or are these cellphones so bad that folk can’t hear what the other is saying without it?

2 thoughts on “Mobiles As Walkie Talkies

  1. Indi

    Haha… wait til you see those people with handsfree thingy dangling on their ear. They hold the body of the phone with left hand while holding the microphone with their right hand… and that’s what they call, my friend, a handsfree device.


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