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By | August 8, 2004

Here are some browsers worth checking out (see Wired and the Seattle Times for more detail on some of these. There’s a complete directory at Download.com). Suggestions as ever welcome.

And some further directories:

6 thoughts on “A Directory of Browsers

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  3. Jeff Beard

    I’d add Maxthon (f/k/a MyIE2) http://www.maxthon.com to the list of alternative browsers. While it’s based upon IE’s rendering engine, it adds many more features including:

    – Tabbed Browsing Interface (and unlike some other tabbed browsers, you can set the tab size and even drag the tabs around to change their order and group related open sites)
    – Saving multiple web sites into a group — works like favorites but you can save an entire research project’s sites into one saved group and then have all of the pages open with a single click
    – Mouse Gestures
    – Super Drag&Drop
    – Privacy Protection (cleans up after you)
    – AD Hunter (blocks ads, pop-ups, etc.)
    – Google Bar Support
    – External Utility Bar
    – Skinning
    – URL alias — create shortcuts to web sites, e.g., typing lw would take you to http://loosewire.typepad.com/blog/ instead of having to navigate through pull-downs or link bars
    – Uses the same set of Favorites as IE so one can switch back and forth without having to synchronize bookmarked sites
    – Many more features than I included here

    Admittedly, the downside is that it’s still based upon IE, which includes its security flaws. Maxthon is IE on steroids — what IE should have been if Microsoft didn’t arrest IE’s development after it captured the majority of the market. I’m not affiliated with Maxthon, just a happy power user and fellow blogger.

  4. David Brake

    What about good old Mozilla? Firefox after all is still pre-1.0 while Mozilla is a 1.7.2 and offers “web browsing, email, HTML editing, IRC chat, and more”. OK I only use it for the browsing but it still works fine for me.

  5. Bart

    Have you guys already heard of the new Beta from Firefox, it is called Deer Park Alpha 1….
    great browser, even when it is an Alpha…


  6. Daynah

    Man am I glad you have SlimBrowser on there! It’s definately my favorite browser, and I’m a linux user! I’m trying out Maxthon as we speak (it’s like slimbrowser with plugins, it’s been an hour and so far it’s love at first dl). But SlimBrowser is where it’s at.

    Tell me if you find a good browser for Linux. And no, Firefox doesn’t count. šŸ™‚


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