Bob’s Background

By | February 3, 2005

Am reading Griff Rhys-Jones’ To The Baltic With Bob which is not quite as hilarious as the blurb promises, but has its moments: Bob goes along to a London art school to apply as a mature student on a computer graphics course:

‘What’s your background?’ asked the professor who interviewed him.

Bob swivelled in his chair and looked behind him. ‘Well, it’s a sort of tangerine colour,’ he said. According to Bob, this answer so amused the professor that he was instantly enrolled on the course, therefore qualifying for a large and useful grant and access to several hundred thousand pounds’ worth of expensive graphics equipment.

Kind of reminds me of those silly pub jokes we used to try out on bartenders in college:

Me: I’d like a beer, please.
Bartender: Bitter?
Me (looking into the distance, heaving a sigh): Yes, yes, I suppose I am.


Me: A glass of white please.
(Not Overly Bright) Bartender: Wine?
Me: Aaaiioooowwww.

Of course, these work a lot better when you’re there. And British. And slightly drunk.

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