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By | January 28, 2005

Here’s the beginnings of a directory of social bookmark manager/taglike storage facilities. That’s a mouthful, but the list isn’t:

  • furl: The blurb: Save a personal copy of any page on the Web with a single click. Search the full text of your entire archive in an instant. Share what you find through email, RSS or your own site, automatically. See what others are saving and discover new, useful information. Access your archive from any computer, anywhere. It’s free to sign up, and quick and easy to install
  • del.icio.us The blurb: del.icio.us is a social bookmarks manager. It allows you to easily add sites you like to your personal collection of links, to categorize those sites with keywords, and to share your collection not only between your own browsers and machines, but also with others.
  • Spurl The blurb: Spurl.net is a free on-line bookmarking service and search engine. It allows you to store and quickly access again all the interesting pages you find on the web from any Internet connected computer.
  • Spurlbar The blurb: The spurlbar is an extension for FireFox, which lets you to use spurl.net bookmarking service easily.
  • flickr The blurb: almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world.
  • Simpy The blurb: social bookmarking and personal search engine
  • StumbleUpon The blurb: a network of people and pages. It is a free tool which helps you browse, review and share webpages while meeting new people.
  • Powermarks The blurb: Bookmark Manager and Personal Search Engine
  • Netvouz
  • FavoritesFinder

As ever, suggestions for more gratefully received.

43 thoughts on “A Directory Of Bookmark Managers

  1. Nick Douglas

    Since most of these are so similar, do you have a favorite when it comes to a personal, import-export-able bookmark keeper? This is as opposed to Flickr, delicious, Stumble, and any other social-centric systems.

  2. bruno

    Here’s another one for your list: Feedmarker (www.feedmarker.com) – it’s an RSS/Atom reader + bookmarks manager with tagging.

  3. Dave Thomson

    I’ve been using Compass as a bookmark manager since 1999 (an eternity in the computer world). While the author (daniel@softgauge.com) hasn’t updated it in quite a while, it is both very useful and stable. I use the “merge from” feature to synchronize my home and office bookmark files. Right now I have about 4,000 bookmarks. My only gripe is that since I moved it to XP, it reports many active sites as dead links, so the automatic purge dead links feature doesn’t work anymore. Otherwise, it’s quite useful.

  4. Otis

    Delicious doesn’t let you export links nor upload them, I believe. It will let you get your links via the REST API, though. Spurl lets you post to Delicious when you add a link to Spurl. Furl will export and upload. Simpy lets you export, upload, as well as import your links and tags from Delicious. I don’t know about other ones.

  5. Mdog

    I’ve used Nextaris.com and Pluck.com, but far prefer Furl. Best part of Furl is the recomendations function. They’ve also emailed me back regarding customer service questions.

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  7. csandoval

    I use Pluck (www.pluck.com), not only does is it manage my bookmarks, but is my RSS reader, as well. It can also track eBay items and google searches. No, I don’t work for them 🙂

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  9. David Brake

    I just switched from PC to Mac and now the only way I can access my 5800 URLs in Powermarks (a Windows only app) is to use Virtual PC. Have you come across a way to get the URLs out of Powermarks and into a web-based URL service with keywords retained yet?

  10. Steve

    There’s also SaveThis (www.savethis.com) that’s worked well for me, except for the lack of export options. The foldering is quite nice, and I have tons of links stashed in there now!

  11. Mats Bergsten

    The best bookmark manager I found so far is BookmarkMagic at http://www.bookmarkmagic.com/
    You can import/export bookmarks in a variety of formats including Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, XBEL, RSS and more, share bookmarks with others, integrate the service in your web browser for fast and easy access, etc.
    It’s free and you can test it before signing up by logging in as:
    E-mail address: demo@bookmarkmagic.com
    Password: demo
    You don’t have access to all features as a demo user so sign up if you like what you see. The service is free.

  12. Kie

    I’ve used some, they’re all pretty much simular. I liked http://www.bookkit.com/. It has a tracking feature, which is quite nice. It has a synchronizer, but it only works for IE.

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  15. Greg Clough

    Love this blog… it’s not really a blog, is it? Not that I know what the definition of a blog is. More I sense what it isn’t. And ‘Loose Wire’ isn’t of any of these: ego-centric, idiosyncratic, eurocentris, (but very ‘silly-UK-villagecentric’)overtly ideological or political (except for being anti-spin, but isn’t any text-based representation of something non-test is going to have spin … and let’s not confuse spin with lies), puerile, unprofessional, badly written, poorly formatted, abrasive, adversarial, arrogant (mostly), preachy, moralizing, corrupting, sleazy (no surprises when you click something – there ought to be law ! well, a star system like energy efficient devices have for a website’s level of being free of sneaky links and malware etc). And Loose Wire is not insulting to the intelligence or average, every day sense of ethics. Can’t say many blogs are devoid of such impediments. But, hey, that’s not why I write. Just wanted to suggest that lists like those for bookmarking programs, outlining programs etc would be 2000 percent improved if the freeware programs in the lists were indicated by something as unobtrusive as an asterisk. Any chance? It would save a lot of repetitive strain injury and – who knows – probably reduce carbon emissions if people didn’t surf to 10 pay sites before finding the free one. Cheers! p.s. I only partly jest about reducing emissions by reducing ke strokes and mouse clicks! Some boffin will calculate the comparative energy costs of running a computer in different modes. Microsoft could help reduce key strokes by including the following terms in its word dictionaries etc: blog, bookmarking and powerpoint (Doh!) to name a few.

  16. Janelle (Social Bookmarking Software - FREE Tool)

    OnlyWire dot com and GetBookmark dot com are 2 very handy tools (free of charge). They each allows u to submit to about 15+ bookmarking sites all at one go. But, u must first create your account with each bookmarking site. This can be quite tedious and boring. The other 2 drawbacks are the sites listed are quite limited (some in the list are not even working) and it does not allow u to use keyword phrase as tag.

    For those who are seriously looking at tapping the power of web 2.0 social bookmarking sites to generate good traffic and back links, u may want to do as what I have done => invest in software to automate the job. The one I am using right now is pretty neat. It has more sites listed compared to OnlyWire and it can create accounts for u automatically. It also accepts keyword phrase as tag and let u create multiple profiles so that u do not leave too much footprint on the net in case u are accused of spamming. The best part I like about it is that the software gets updated almost every single month to keep in pace with the latest development of some of the bookmarking sites.

  17. Madison - Iphone

    I’ve been using BookmarkMagic as a bookmark manager since 2007 (an eternity in the computer world). I belive it’s the best one of the modern world. I use the “merge from” feature to synchronize my home and office bookmark files. Right now I have about350 bookmarks.

  18. Studio photography

    Have you tried using Yahoo/Google tool bars; both allow you to add/import your bookmarks? You can use these bookmarks from any computer once you log into your Yahoo/Google account.


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