A New Digital Pen From Logitech

By | September 13, 2004

Logitech announced today it has upgraded its digital pen, the io Pen, with the io2 Digital Writing System, which features “a refined, slimmer digital pen design — thanks to the shrinking of internal technology — along with more paper options and enhanced handwriting recognition that is now part of the core offering”.

The Logitech io2 Digital Writing System will be available beginning in late September through retailers in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom. The suggested retail price in the U.S. is $200. Logitech launched the io Pen early last year and then about a year ago upgraded its software to include handwriting recognition.

Maybe this kind of thing is catching on. A computer products distributor, Synnex Corp, said last month it planned to release a wireless computer pen that would let “users write notes on paper that are also simultaneously captured in digital form and can be later uploaded to a PC”, according to the East Bay Business Times.

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