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By | March 16, 2004

Here’s yet another piece of software that bears a vague resemblance to ActiveWords — besides its name, that is.

ActiveLaunch, from a company in Pskov, Russia, called GSI Software Research, allows you “the opportunity to faster [sic] open frequently used applications, documents, and folders using both the mouse and the keyboard.”

You can assign all those — or combinations thereof — to a single icon, or to a key. Whereas ActiveWords — and DoLittle, which I mentioned in an earlier post (sorry, folks, for the non-working link. Hopefully that will be fixed soon) focus on letting you type a command to launch a program, a command, or whatever, ActiveLaunch focuses on keys and keystroke combinations, something some folk might say is a step backwards, given our poor memories.

But having said that, I still have fond memories of WinKey, which tried to make more use of the Windows key to do something very similar. Given WinKey is free, whereas ActiveLaunch costs $15, I wonder how many takers the lads in Pskov are going to have. Still, worth a try.

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