The Anti Anti iPod Backlash

By | December 6, 2003
 More on the Neistat Brothers and their complaint about an iPod battery. Seems there’s something of a backlash brewing by folk who feel they didn’t have much of a case. (beautiful website, that one, by the way).
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7 thoughts on “The Anti Anti iPod Backlash

  1. Dean

    Dear iPod owners,

    Every day when I go outside I see some ‘chik’ or ‘metrosexual’ with white earphones thinking ‘I can’t believe how stylish I am. I’m so good; society will have to accept me now’. How sad. Do you really believe that owning an (inferior) culmination of circuitry will make you less insecure? Are you really that desperate to be ‘different’ that you end up looking like everyone else?

    You goddamn clone. Just think, if you did your homework you would find out that the iPod is quite possibly one of the most contrived pieces of equipment, EVER. Why can’t I remove the battery? So that Apple can screw me when I need a new one. Can I use WMA lossless? Sorry, iPod owners don’t require such things as ‘quality’ & ‘clarity’. At least one good point is that Apple require you to infect your computer with iTunes, as Apple don’t want thier customers to think that they are patronizing them with such concepts as ‘drop’ & ‘drag’.

    One might think that people buy iPods just to look good, but people aren’t that stupid, are they?

  2. chris

    my friend got an ipod last year and i used it at lunch a couple times and thought the scroll wheel was cool until my thumbs got numb after scrolling through just 2gb of music files!!!

    having all the buttons on the fron makes it easy to control but when it’s in your pocket (where it’s supposed to be!!!) it’s just plain retarded.

    mp3 is retarded. atrac3 scores a slightly higher audio quality than mp3(128kbps) at half the file size(64kbps).

    i have a sony hi-md player ($200) with 1gb hi-md disks ($7 ea.). i can buy 10 disks (10gb) and the player ($270) and use atrac3 files at 64mbps to have the same song capacity(5000) as the ipod 20gb (using mp3 128kbps)for $30 less and i also get an am/fm/tv tuner, lcd remote control, better battery life.

    it may not be the trendsetter but it kicks the ipod’s ass.

  3. Danielle

    yes, they are. otherwise people would actually shop around and find other good mp3 players that are actually affordable. mine, for example, a creative jukebox zen extra, cost 90 dollars less than an ipod and has 10gb more of storage. sorry, it didn’t come with the cool white headphones though. i guess my extra money and more songs makes me so uncool! šŸ™ please help.

  4. Nukey

    That is very true. It is beginning to become a cult now.

    Why do you think that all of the earphones on all of the devices are the same? because they’re using the poor customers as advertising to spread the word.

    For example, take the Archos brand. I know that some of their products are a little on the pricey side, but even with the cheaper ones you get what you pay for. iPods are lacking in feathers on what you pay for. Simple.


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