Software: Spam Blocker Or Spammer?

By | November 10, 2003
 It sounds good in theory, but I have my qualms. Smartalec Internet Security Suite 2004 combines a firewall, and anti-worm block, and a spam blocker, all for $20. But when I click on the main link to buy it from their online website, Live Wire Media, I’m diverted to a website inviting me to get paid for doing surveys. Is this a mix-up, an elaborate scam, or is the company that makes Smartalec also on the other side of the spam business? I like to use software which isn’t from the big boys, but nowadays it pays to check the provenance of even the most kosher-sounding programs.
(This, in case you’re interested, is the page advertising the product, and this is the link inviting you to go for more information, which then seems to default to the website.)

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