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News: More Broadband For Cute Sounding Villages

By | November 26, 2003

 I wrote a few weeks back in my column about how a village in Northamptonshire, England, overcame the failure of the national carrier, BT, to install broadband by building their own Wi-Fi network. Neighbouring villages have taken a different route.   The BBC reports that Middleton Cheney, Byfield and some other Northants villages will have access to a… Read More »

News: Pier to Pier, or WiFi on the Beach

By | July 26, 2003

Brighton Beach is the world’s first free WiFi beach, reports The Guardian. A Web site called Trepia has begun to explore possibilities, and can find out who else is using WiFi in your vicinity, and thus can exchange personal profiles similar to an Internet dating site. Alex Studd, who works for Moving Edge, created Brighton’s “Pier to Pier”… Read More »