News: USB 2.0: Not Always As Zippy As It Should Be

By | October 5, 2003
 AP is reporting that not all products that flaunt the latest version, USB 2.0, are as speedy as consumers might expect. It turns out that while a growing number of devices feature USB 2.0, some actually transfer data at the slower speed of its predecessors — i.e. 40 times slower than they should. Also, there’s a significant difference between “full-speed” and “hi-speed” USB 2.0.
An industry group behind the USB standard is partly to blame for the muddled jargon, AP says, though it is trying to clear up confusion by issuing official logos and labeling guidelines for manufacturers. These are only guidelines, however. Ultimately, the labeling and any fine print that either informs or misleads the public is still up to individual companies. No guidance offered to users in the article, but obviously if you feel your devices are not working faster, complain loudly.

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