News: Phone Camera Jamming. It Sounds Like A Reggae Outfit

By | September 13, 2003
 From the It’s Going To Have To Happen Dept comes news of a product that could “automatically switch off camera phones to protect industrial secrets and private areas.” CNET reports that Safe Haven combines hardware transmitters with a small piece of control software loaded into a camera phone handset. When the handset is taken into a room or building containing the Safe Haven hardware, the phone is instructed to deactivate the imaging systems. The systems are reactivated when the handset is out of range.
The good news is that although the technology is designed only for disabling the imaging system, it could be adapted for a wide number of uses, such as blocking loud or annoying ring tones in a theater or even disabling text messaging in a school. Is there any way of administering electric shocks to folks who yap away too loudly in public on their phone. One guy totally ruined my reflexology experience the other day. Totally.

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