News: Is That A USB Drive In Your Pocket Or…?

By | September 12, 2003
 I don’t have a link for this, but I’m amazed at how the price of USB thumb drives — those little sticks on a key ring — have fallen in price. Now in my local mall you can pick up one holding 256 megabytes for less than $60.
Given prices a year ago were not far off $1 per megabyte, and less than six months ago I paid that for a drive with half the capacity, that’s quite a drop. There are hundreds of manufacturers out there making them now, so I wouldn’t recommend any particular one. Don’t entrust the only copy of your data to one, but it’s great as a secondary backup you can carry around with you. They also make great gifts, and one or two people might still be impressed by them during lulls at parties.

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