News: Horses For Main Courses; Handphones for Bones

By | September 23, 2003
 Good piece by the BBC on how micropayments may not be taking off online, but are with handphones. “While many of us are happy to use a credit card online, spending tens, hundreds, and occasionally thousands, of pounds, parting with just 50p is less common.” Despite the lack of any common system for micropayments, the BBC says, “spending via mobiles is starting to take off, albeit only for extra mobile phone content.” 
Read techdirt’s take on it here.  My tupennies’ worth: people need to be confident of several things before they adopt a system of payment that they’re not previously exposed to:
a) it’s easy to figure out;
b) it’s convenient, both for the transaction and the eventual physical payment;
c) it feels safe.
Micropayments mostly don’t work online because they’re too hassly for what you’re doing. You’re sitting at home, you got everything you need, what is there to make a micropayment for that could make your life any richer? But if you’re stuck in the subway at midnight and need a chocolate bar, or a ticket home, that’s a whole different game.

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