Update: X1 On Fire

By | August 25, 2003
 As if to reinforce my impression that X1 is grabbing the indexing and searching space once the preserve of Enfish, the Idealab company has just launched a beta edition of its next version. The full version should be out soon. New features:
* Improved Attachments tab (for Outlook and Eudora users only)
* Improved Eudora email support
* IMAP support
* Microsoft Exchange Public Folder support
* A media player in the View Pane of the Files tab
* Fast JPG viewer with auto-sizing
* Improved file-content indexing, including PDF Acrobat files. (Zip indexing is coming in days/weeks.) You’ll have to re-index your files to take advantage of this new method. To do so, click the Options button and select “Re-index All Files” in the Files Search tab.
* Improved indexing status communication in the bottom status bar for Email and Files tabs
* Automatic import of IE favorites and history into X1 Favorites and History tabs.

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