Update: The Sleazy Side Of Virus-Stopping

By | August 27, 2003
 Further evidence of viruses being turned into advertising spam: MailWatch kindly informed me that a message sent in my name had SoBig F aboard: “MailWatch has scanned your e-mail message and determined it can not be delivered as originally sent,” the message says.  As I’ve pointed out earlier, just because a virus appears to be from the sender, doesn’t mean it is. You’d think MailWatch, being in the business, would know this.
The email then goes on to say that “MailWatch can help you avoid these problems in the future by scanning your e-mail for viruses, Spam and objectionable content. Visit http://www.MailWatch.com to read about the benefits of MailWatch.” While I guess it’s ok to send notification emails that a virus has been found, I think it’s something else to turn it into a piece of gratuitous advertising. Especially one that misleads the average Joe into thinking they may be the source of viruses. Shape up, MailWatch. Don’t add to the problem.

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