News: A Spam Blocker Throws in the Towel

By | August 5, 2003
  Trustic, an anti-spam blocker which used recommendations from its users to identify and block spammers, has bitten the dust after about six months of live use. Its website rather poignantly declares: “We remain confident that the problem of spam is a solvable problem. Thank you for your help with this great experiment.”
Trustic, which was really just one guy, would assign each user a level of trust, according to an article on the O’Reilly Network. “Users build their trust by making accurate recommendations over time. In order for a host to become untrusted, the cumulative trust level of the recommendations has to be above a certain threshold.” If you’re interested, trawl through the debate on Slashdot. Is this a dark day for anti-spam?

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