Update: Banker’s Revenge

By | July 22, 2003
 The Citibank virus is now the Wells Fargo virus. This very weird, rather professional looking Trojan which Symantec calls the “Backdoor Berbew” (and I call Banker’s Revenge is becoming more sophisticated.). Here’s the text of the email, several copies of which I received this morning.
Dear Sir,
Thank you for your online application for a Business Account with Wells Fargo. We appreciate your interest in banking with us.
In order to open a Business Account, we must receive specific credit information that is verifiable. Because Wells Fargo has no locations in your state, we are unable to confirm the credit information in your application. Consequently, we regret to say that we cannot open an account for your business at this time.
Attached are your Wells Fargo Application and your Social Security File.
Sherli Chin
Business Resource Center Services
Wells Fargo Bank
(There is at least one person called Sherli Chin out there. She graduated from Patterson High School, California, in 1968.)



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