Software: Google’s new Toolbar

By | June 27, 2003
 Google have just launched a new version of their toolbar for Internet Explorer. Toolbars are extra lines of buttons that add themselves to your browser, offering links, pull down menus and whatnot. In this case, Google’s toolbar allows you to do Google searches without actually going to Google’s search page. It’s actually a great tool, although arguably Opera’s built  in toolbar is even better.
Google’s new toolbar, 2.0, adds a couple of interesting features. One is designed to block pop-up windows, another helps you fill in online forms by storing your details for you; the third feature is for bloggers like me, adding whatever site your browser is looking at to be added to a blog (this only works for sites running Blogger software, which was recently bought by Google.) Another new feature they don’t mention very much, but which could be useful, is Search Country. Say you have Google Canada set as your search page in the toolbar’s options, then this feature would limit your searches to Canadian websites.
Me? I’ve long loved the toolbar, but mainly for its Page Info function, which lets you check out a list of sites similar to the one you’re looking at. Seems that Google aren’t really building on this great feature: in Toolbar 2.0 that button is switched off by default.

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