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How To Infect An Airport

By | March 16, 2006

Could it be possible to use Radio Frequency ID tags, or RFID, to transmit viruses? Some researchers reckon so. Unstrung reports that a paper presented at the Pervasive Computing and Communications Conference in Pisa, Italy, the researchers from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, led by Andrew Tanenbaum, show just how susceptible radio-frequency tags may be to malware. “Up until now,… Read More »

Boeing’s Corporate Blog

By | April 9, 2005

Boeing’s Vice President of Marketing, Randy Baseler has a blog, the latest corporate guy to do so. It’s here. It’s the first Boeing blog, I’m told. Related Posts:Beyond Phishing, There’s Corporate Spoofing February 17, 2004 Knowledge Management, Corporate Blogging, and Scobleizer July 23, 2004 Another Way to Blog May 22, 2007 Blog Off(line) February 10, 2007 Blog Off(line)… Read More »