Is Plaxo A Namecard Spammer?

What gives at Plaxo?

I’ve decided to stop recommending what seemed to be a pretty good way to stay up to date with contacts after a series of weird incidents when folk unknown to me were somehow able to add their contacts into my Outlook address book without my say-so (today’s was someone from a PR company I’ve had dealings with before, but never, to my knowledge, with this person).

I’ve raised this issue before and have waited for more than two months for word from Plaxo about the matter, so they’re off my Christmas card list and, until they can explain what’s going on, and, if required, fix this I don’t recommend anyone else use it. Plaxo is a good idea, but the privacy concerns about it all have scared people right from the start. This latest hole — where, apparently, anyone can spam their way into your address book, along with comments like “Winner of the PR Week Asia ‘New Consultancy of the Year’ award for 2001″ — isn’t going to put minds at ease.

Until then, I’m forced to ask:

  • How do people I don’t know know that I’m on Plaxo?
  • How can they automatically add their contact details to my Outlook address book without me approving it?
  • Is this how Plaxo is making its money? Charging some folk to spam possible clients with their namecard?

Looking forward to getting some answers on this, which I’ll pass along to the blog.