News: That File Is Not Dead, It’s Just AWOL

 From the guys who make the excellent Diskeeper (“set and forget”) defragmenter software comes an interesting utility that “allows a user to retrieve and recover those files that belong to him without special configuration by the System Administrator”.  There’s a home version too. I haven’t tried it but if Diskeeper is anything to go by, it’s worth a try.
In other words, delete a file on your network and you’re not altogether done for. Undelete 4.0 is now in field testing; previous versions are available for $49.95 for the Workstation and $29.95 for the Home edition.  Purchasers will be upgraded to the latest version of Undelete if purchased within 90 days of release. 

News: New Version of Diskeeper Available

One excellent piece of software that’s worth having on your PC is Diskeeper, an automatic disk defragmenter. It’s not an exciting branch of the software world, but disk defragmentation — your files ending up in little bits and pieces all over your hard drive — “cripples system performance while also causing needless wear and tear on disk drives”. For once they’re not exaggerating.
Diskeeper is now into version 8, out today. I haven’t checked it out yet, but it’s the kind of software you install and then just forget about. Indeed, it has a feature called “Set it and Forget It” which does all the defragmenting you need on the fly. Well worth checking out.