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The Commuter Factor

Watching the commuters of Beijing and Hong Kong brings home how usage of the cellphone is dictated by circumstance – in this case about how you get to work. This may be something that has been studied at length, but reading discussions about the difference in adoption rates and usage among countries and regions, to me it’s comes down largely to environment, once issues such as income etc are taken into account. Chinese, Singapore, Hong Kongese, Japanese, Korean commuters spend a good portion of their commute in air conditioned buses, trains and subeway cars — the perfect environment for cellphone features such as SMS, browsing,Continue readingThe Commuter Factor

Alternatives For SimCity Addicts

For anyone who is a SimCity addict, looking for an alternative, check out Mobility 2. It looks a lot like SimCity, without some of the bells and whistles of later versions, but it focuses on public transportation, and was, until recently, available for free. Now it’s into version 2.11, includes a land editor and available as shareware for the princely sum of $14. Another alternative, also European in origin, design, and feel: TrafficGiant, from JoWood Productions.  In TrafficGiant (yes, dreadful name, I know, “you control an entire fleet of buses, trams and much more. You experience realistically functioning town traffic with thousands of vehicles andContinue readingAlternatives For SimCity Addicts

News: Wi-Fi For Commuters, And Bus Drivers

  I know this sounds a bit Big Brother-ish, but I like the way a public wi-fi service can double as a facility for a public utility, in this case French buses. The excellent Wi-Fi Networking News blog carries a report from Paris about a bus route Wi-Fi network, Subscribers can use while they’re on — and presumably waiting for — a bus. But the buses can use it too: equipped with cameras that automatically take pictures of cars that are illegally driving in the bus lane, they send the photograph automatically via Wi-Fi to bus headquarters, where the system automatically produces a statement of theContinue readingNews: Wi-Fi For Commuters, And Bus Drivers

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