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I’m Reuters’ chief technology correspondent for Asia, based in Singapore.


I’m a technology, telecoms and media journalist. I work for Thomson Reuters, based in Singapore. I’ve previously worked for The Wall Street Journal, the Far Eastern Economic Review and the BBC. You might have heard me on the World Service Business Daily show.

PR and Pitches

Always welcome. Use the email address above. Some dos and don’ts here.

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  1. A search about myinfo took me to “An Outliner that tags”, your article from March 16, 2006.

    A search in your webpage by “Outliner” shows no results.

    But I can read your article without any problem here: http://www.loosewireblog.com/2006/03/an_outliner_tha.html

    Therefore your search engine is not indexing at least that blog entry.

    (just for you to know).

    Nice articles, a long time follower in my RSS reader.

  2. Excellent piece on blackeberry on Reuters. One other point sending people away from BB is its blackouts. Also the botched launch on Android and IOS is probably the nail on its coffin.

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