Quaintness in Salt Lake

(This is the script for a piece I did for the BBC World Service. Posted here by request. Podcast here.) Something rather quaint is going on in a Salt Lake City courtroom. A company called Novell, who you’d be forgiven for not having heard of, is suing Microsoft over a product called WordPerfect, which you …

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Podcast: Quaintness in Salt Lake

The BBC World Service Business Daily version of my piece on my predictions for next year  (The Business Daily podcast is here.) Loose Wireless 110913 To listen to Business Daily on the radio, tune into BBC World Service at the following times, or click here. Australasia: Mon-Fri 0141*, 0741 East Asia: Mon-Fri 0041, 1441 South …

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China’s Mystery Patterns

This has absolutely nothing to do with what I should be working on but this piece in Gizmodo caught my eye: a number of weird lines and structures in the middle of the Gobi Desert in China’s western reaches. Like this one: They don’t seem to make much sense, despite some quite ingeniuous explanations by …

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Scammers Scam Gmail Scam Filters

This amused me. A scam message got through Gmail’s eagle-eyed scam filters telling me to update my account details. That’s not unusual. But was it because the scammers added their own assurance that they had already done the filtering? It says: ************************************************************************** This footnote confirms that this email message has been scanned by New Google …

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We’ve Moved (But We’re Still Here)

After years of frustration with TypePad, this blog has moved. It’s still here, though, in that you don’t actually need to do anything. The URL is the same. Thanks. 

Podcast: The Usual Suspects

Here I discuss on my regular slot with Adelaine Ng of Radio Australia patent wars, Amazon’s pricing policy and anything else we can think of. (This is from last Wednesday, so probably of historical interest only, unless you like hearing me say ‘er’ a lot.)  Loose Wireless 111101 Thanks to the ABC for allowing me …

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