Podcast: Demise of the Considered Response

Here’s a piece I did for the BBC World Service on the Demise of the Considered Response.

Dancing Queen and the End of Popular Music

The other night, as I lay sweating in my mum’s flat in boiling England in the early hours, a crowd of 20 somethings spilled out of a nearby club. The usual hubbub of indistinct chatter ensued as they prepared to disperse. Then the females (I assume; I couldn’t actually see anything) started singing something together, …

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Podcast: Memory I

A piece I did for the BBC World Service on the digitization of memory.

Podcast: Web 2.0

Me being skeptical about Web 2.0 on the BBC World Service. Listen here,

Podcast: Receipts

How to get rid of receipts, without just binning them. Another piece from the BBC World Service.

The Email Hole

Email is not something to get too upset about, until you lose one to downtime by your provider of choice. And then you realise that it is too important to be left to free services, or even a domain hoster. I use a hoster called Hostway, and they went spectacularly down last week. (This despite …

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Podcast: Hotel Access

Another BBC World Service recording. This one’s about getting connected in hotels.

The Journalist Dilemma

Jeff Jarvis over at BuzzMachine says there are too many journalists and newspapers would do well to cut back on reporters and reinvest digital interaction on the local level — in other words, to build connections with communities and have them report. Cheap/free local citizen Journalists, in other words, replace jet-setting, expensive correspondents: So maybe …

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Podcast: The Communicator

A BBC World Service piece I did on the tenacity of a device that perhaps should have been binned long ago: the Communicator.

Podcast: Handdryers

A BBC World Service piece I did on hand dryers.