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Twitteran: We Should Do What We Do Best

By | June 18, 2009

Paul Lamb over at MediaShift asks: Is there still a need for vetting and fact checking of stories. Absolutely. But isn’t that something a machine, building off our collective intelligence, could be trained to do far better than any one human or editorial staff? Of course this ignores the fact that machines aren’t good at storytelling or understanding‚Ķ Read More »

Ideas Are Things

By | January 30, 2008

One guy I’m always inspired by is Jan Chipchase, who does more for Nokia’s credibility than any of their products. Here he observes how small things are more likely to spread more rapidly than big ones, making them closer relations to ideas than to things: Today we’re comfortable with the rapid dissemination of information and ideas from one‚Ķ Read More »