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“One Technician Unplugged The Estonian Internet”

By | February 25, 2011

In all the hoo-ha about the Arab Revolutions some interesting WikiLeaks cables seem to be slipping through the net. Like this one from 2008 about Estonia’s view of the cyberattack on Georgia. Estonia had learned some tough lessons from Russia’s cyberattack on its defenses the previous year, so was quick to send cyber-defense experts to “help stave off… Read More »

World’s Slowest Email?

By | June 5, 2007

Burma (Myanmar) may be in the running for the world’s slowest email: more than four months. clipped from www.lirneasia.net LIRNEasia and ISEAS organized an expert forum on ICT indicators in Singapore in March 2007.  On the 26th of January, the Myanmar Ministry of Post and Telecom sent an e-mail to the ISEAS in Singapore, nominating an officer to… Read More »


By | April 19, 2007

F-Secure are calling these things SMS phishing (sometimes called smishing, unfortunately), but really they are more like Nigerian email scams delivered via SMS, which isn’t quite the same. The scam is basically this: send an SMS saying the recipient has won the lottery, have them call the scammer, and the scammer tricks them into giving their account details… Read More »