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Here Comes the Blog Flood

By | June 16, 2006

The power of the history of the Internet? So much feels disposable about the Internet, and blogs haven’t helped. Postings more than a few days old feel like ancient history, and yet at the same time they sit there, a snapshot of a point of view the author can barely remember ever having. Comments added by anyone stumbling… Read More »

Closing The Door After The Phish Has Bolted

By | July 30, 2004

MasterCard, one of several banks discovered to have flaws on their websites that would have allowed a phisher to capture passwords, says it has fixed the problem. American Banker Online reported (subscription required) last week that MasterCard International “has confirmed finding and fixing a flaw on its web site’s ‘Find A Card’ tool that could have facilitated a… Read More »

Electronic Voting And The Criminal Connection

By | December 19, 2003

The story of electronic voting machines, and the company that makes many of them, continues to roll along. I wrote in a column a few weeks back (Beware E-Voting, 20 November 2003, Far Eastern Economic Review; subscription required) about Bev Harris, a 52-year old grandmother from near Seattle, who discovered 40,000 computer files at the website of a… Read More »