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Plaxo Etiquette: Moral High Ground Or Cheap Stunt?

Plaxo, the online contacts exchange that got some good, and bad, press two years back, is trying to brush up its members’ manners with some Plaxo Etiquette: Each and every new technology has a learning curve as we figure out how to use it, and use it well. Remember when you’d frequently see people talking… Read More »

Another Plaxo?

Judith Meskill at the socialsoftware blog points out that BusinessWeek Online is Gaga over Bebo and wonders: Is there something I am missing here? How is Bebo.com different than Plaxo.com? The service that so very many have grown to love to hate? Why would we all fall in love with Bebo whilst loathing Plaxo? I… Read More »

ZeroDegrees Responds

Further to my ZeroDegrees debacle, in which I succeeded in spamming 2,000 people in my contact book with barely a click, here’s a response from ZeroDegrees‘ Jas Dhillon, CEO and president of the company, and Mark Jeffrey, VP of Product, to my questions. I’ve edited a little for length. How is it that even experienced… Read More »