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Yes, Bluetooth Is Insecure, But Does It Matter?

By | February 11, 2004

Looks like the phone makers are finally taking a look at the Bluetooth security issue, which I mentioned in a recent posting. ZDNet quotes a Nokia spokesperson as saying the company is aware of “security issues” relating to Bluetooth devices that “makes it possible to download and modify phone book, calendar and other information on the phone without… Read More »

News: Psst! Wanna Buy Some Fake Bluetooth Gear?

By | September 24, 2003

 Apparently one of the reasons your Bluetooth gadgets won’t work well with each other is that they might be fake. Bizarre? Yes! True. Possibly. According to NewsWireless, over 50% of Bluetooth equipment on sale in the UK is counterfeit, according to a survey. And that figure is set to rise. The group that sets Bluetooth standards says that… Read More »

News: Something For The Folk With Too Many Email Accounts

By | August 20, 2003

 If you’ve got a lot of email accounts, and access them from different kinds of gadgets, Danamail may interest you. It’s a new service that “lets you read and reply to all your email, from all your addresses, on any Internet-ready device, wherever you are.     Danamail consolidates all your email messages and attachments from multiple accounts… Read More »