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Wikipedia, Porn and the Airbrushing of History

By | December 20, 2005

An intriguing part of the story about Wikipedia and John Seigenthaler, the maligned journalist who found his Wikipedia biography had him as a JFK assassination suspect, is that the savvy folk obsessively monitor their own Wikipedia biographies, including Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales himself who has edited it frequently, removing references to a credited “co-founder” of the encyclopedia and… Read More »

Wikipedia To Freeze Entries?

By | August 6, 2005

[This story has since been denied by the purported source. Please see below for details] For Wikipedia there have long been two problems: How to stop vandalism and how to create a product that could be considered ‘stable’ and ‘complete’ enough to burn to CD — in short a releasable version of the encyclopedia. Maybe they’re close to… Read More »