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Get off my TiddlyTagCloud

By | August 22, 2005

For those of you interested in the whole TiddlyWiki thing, Clint Checketts has just pointed me to his new creation: the TiddlyTagCloud – a simple visualization of active tags, which list the existing tags in a TiddlyWiki alphabetical order and displays the more popular tags larger. And here, just in case you didn’t see it, is a post… Read More »

Multimedia Kristof

By | May 25, 2005

Nicholas Kristof did a great piece in yesterday’s NYT on blogging in China and its impact — death by a thousand blogs — on the government. But what’s particularly impressive is the multimedia package he’s put together for the piece. Check out the link on the left hand side of the page. It includes websites, audio commentary, some… Read More »

The Slashdot Report Part I

By | April 9, 2005

This week’s column is about The Slashdot Effect, (subscription only, I’m afraid) which I’ll mention in more detail in subsequent postings. This first supplement is about the commercial potential of blogs, and a case study those of you reading blogs will probably already know about: Is it possible to harness this new kind of information flow for business… Read More »